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__ |__|__ __| | Related article: ' - The elf showed his vault, was the first time I visited Gringotts, "said Griphook. "I remember Harry Potter. Even among the elves, which are very famous. " Miro Harry and the goblin to each other, size each other. Harry 's Ambien Cr scar was still prickling. He did this interview with Griphook quickly, and at the same time I was afraid of a misstep. While he was trying to decide on the best way to approach your request, the goblin broke the silence. "You buried the elf," he said, sounding unexpectedly rancorous. "I saw through the window of the room next door. " " Yes," said Harry. Griphook saw him from the corners of his eyes torn black. " You are a magician unusual, Harry Potter. " " How," asked Harry, rubbing the scar away. Ambien Cr "You dug the grave. " "So? " Griphook did not answer. Harry did not believe he was acting like a Muggle smiled, but did not care whether Griphook approved of Dobby graph issee or not. He gathered himself for the attack. " Griphook, I need to ask -". "We also rescued a goblin " "What ' s ".. This has brought me here has saved me, "" Well, I guess not sad? "Said Harry a little impatiently. " No, Harry Potter, "said Griphook, and with a finger, gave her thin black beard on his chin," but you are a mage very strange. "" right, "said Harry. " Well, I need some help, Griphook, and you can give me. " El duende no sign of encouragement, but continued to frown on Harry 's forehead, as if he had never seen anything like it did. ". break in a vault at Gringotts to be " Harry had no intention of saying that bad: the words were to him as pain shot through his lightning scar and he was forced back to the description of Hogwarts. completed his fixed idea. had to deal with Griphook first. Ron and Hermione looked at Harry as if he had gone mad. " Harry - " said Hermione, but was cut off by Griphook "Break in a vault at Gringotts. ? "Repeated the Goblin, wincinga only changed his position in bed. "It's impossible. " " No, not" Ron contradicted him. " We have already done. " " Yes," said Harry. "The day I met you, Griphook. My birthday, seven years ago. " " The vault in question when empty," the spirit, and Harry broke understood that even though Griphook had Gringotts , is in the presentation of his defense was hurt, offended. " Their protection is minimal. " "Now, the vault, which does not have to be empty, and suppose that their protection is very strong," said Harry. "It's one of the Lestrange. " saw Ambien Cr Hermione and Ron, looking stunned, but it would be enough time to explain after Griphook had given his answer. "You have no chance," said Griphook flat. "Absolutely no chance if you try on our floors A treasure was never yours -. " " Thief, you've been warned, be careful - Yes, I know, I remember," said Harry. "But I'm trying, baby I 'm not trying totake anything for personal gain. Can you believe it? " The goblin looked sideways at Harry, and tingling of the lightning scar on Harry 's forehead, but he ignored her and refused to acknowledge their pain or their invitation. " If there is a magician, I do not think it would be personal gain, "said Griphook finally, " it would be you, Harry Potter. Sprites and elves are not in the protection and respect they have shown that night. No team - carrier. " " Wall -carrier, "repeated Harry: The phrase fell strangely in his ears as his scar prickled, as Voldemort's thoughts to the north, and as Harry burned question Ollivander next " the right. to perform a magic wand, "said the goblin softly," has long been contested between wizards and goblins. "" Well, goblins can do magic without wands, "said Ron. " That's irrelevant ! Wizards refuse the secrets of wand -lore with other magical beings to share, to deny the possibility of extending our powers! "" Well, GoblSupplements are not "in any part of its magic, Ron said. " You will not tell us how you know you swords and armor, how to make sprites, like metal in the form of attendees never work -. "Said " Never mind, " Harry, noting Griphook the color on the rise. " It is not Wizards vs Goblins or any other magical creatures - " Griphook gave a nasty laugh. ", but whatever it is exactly as the Dark Lord will be stronger the more fixed his career at Gringotts I like to be slaughtered under general magic, elves, and the wand - Bearer of the protests, " n " know," said Hermione. She sat, her eyes bright. " We are protesting and I am more than any goblin or elf, Griphook hunted I'ma mudblood ! "" does not call himself - "Ron muttered. " Why should not he ? "Said Hermione. " Mudblood and proud of it, I have no higher position in this new order, as you Griphook ! I thought that before torture, back at the Malfoys ! "S As he spoke, puaside to reveal the neck of the tunic, thin cut Bellatrix had, scarlet fever is full against his throat. " Did you know that Harry, who was freed Dobby? " He asked. " Did you know that wanted to be Ambien Cr freed years the elves? " (Ron uncomfortably on the chair arm round Hermione. ) "You can not want you -know- who beat more than we do, Griphook !" Looked \\ \\ N the elf Hermione with the same curiosity that had shown Harry. " Lestrange What do you want to" look into the vault ? "I asked suddenly. " The sword is that it is a fake. This is the real thing. "He looked from one to another one. " I think you already know. She asked me, because they are behind. "", but the sword is not the only false thing about this is the vault? Ambien Cr " Harry asked. " You may see other things in there? " His heart was beating stronger than ever. He redoubled his efforts to ignore the pulse of your scar. The goblin twisted his beard around his finger again. " speaks of our Codethe secrets of Gringotts. We are the guardians of fabulous treasures. We have the duty of the objects in our care, the set, so often caused by the fingers. " The goblin stroked the sword, and his black eyes swept Harry, Hermione, Ron and then back again. " so young, " he said finally, " to fight against so many. "" to help us ? "Said Harry. " No need to Ambien Cr break with the hope, without the help of an elf. You are our only chance. " " I a... think about it, "said Griphook unbearable.
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